Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Passion


Like the tittle says, todays post is going to be about photography, mainly me becoming a photographer. If you don't already know my passion is photography and I absolutely love everything that has to do with it. I've recently found my motivation again and decided to really get serious about it by beginning to learn photoshop and lightroom (which I should have been learning but its never too late to start), I've also been watching videos on youtube and reading blogs about the tips and tricks of what it takes to be a professional photographer. I'm more of a landscape/nature, pet, children, and event photographer but in order to get their you have to start somewhere and I have to continue building my portfolio. Right now my portfolio as you can see by the few pictures I've uploaded consist of nature (flowers, insects etc.), pets (my cousins dog lol), events (pride parade even though I wasn't able to actually capture the parade), children (my baby cousin), and a little bit of people (my friends). I'm working with a Canon Rebel T3i with an 18-55mm lens soon hoping to upgrade either the camera first or the lens, I also need to get some other equipments. I've created an Instagram for my pictures, if your interested follow me @laiahavin. I'm also looking for work hopefully as being an assistant or doing an internship for a photographer so if you know anybody in the New York area feel free to let me know. I may not have the experience most photographers look for in an assistant but I am a hard worker, fast learner, and I'm organized with customer service experience. If you have any advice on getting started, equipment ideas, or how to create a good portfolio feel free to comment down below it will be greatly appreciated :)

Midnight (taken by me)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Attempt at coming back


Wow I have been gone for a couple months and I'm soo sorry about that, I abandoned you guys and again I'm sorry. Life just happened and I just wasn't in a good place mentally & physically but I'm okay now I guess, just slowly progressing and really working on myself and what I want to do in life. I recently moved to New Jersey (if you didn't know I was living in New York) because of personal & financial problems. I do miss New York & I try to go back as much as I can because of course I am a NYC girl and I love that city. I'm still into photography but since moving I haven't really been motivated and I just sort of became lazy which I'm not happy about at all but I'm working on it. I found a college out here that I'm excited about, I applied and now I'm just waiting to see if I get accepted and if I do I will further inform you guys. Other than that I've just been looking for work and really concentrating on what and where I want to be in the future and the steps I have to take to get their. I'm also trying to get over a cold I recently got so hopefully I will be able to get back to posting on here because I did miss it but I also have to work on finding entertaining things to post about other than photography, so bare with me. Hope you all are doing good, love you guys <3

Friday, October 31, 2014

My Summer Pt.8

Hello Everyone,

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It has finally come to an end, this will be the last part of my summer recap. I enjoyed sharing my summer with you and hope you enjoyed it as well. These last couple of pictures I took was when I took my cousin out. We were looking for a specific park because they were having a show there but I got the wrong directions and ended up at Hudson River Park. It was both our first time at that park and it was beautiful, a must see if you haven't been already. After walking through the park we ended up at 34th st. and that's when I decided to really look up the directions and that's when I found it Riverbank State Park. They were having some sort of kiddie type of carnival it was cute, they had little rides, games, and a reptile show. I only have one picture from Riverbank State Park, I will be going back because it is beautiful. Overall it was a good day and my cousin enjoyed herself. Hope you enjoy :)

My cousin.
I absolutely love this picture <3
Love how vibrant the colors are. My favorite things to capture, flowers.

Happy that I caught the helicopter with the flag. Sort of reminds me of this video game called Grand Theft Auto.
Riverbank State Park.
Happy Halloween, be safe :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Summer Pt.7

Hello Everyone,

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These next group of pictures I took were at Roosevelt Island. I decided one day instead of sitting home to go out and take pictures and that's when I decided to go out there. I wanted to go with my best friend because he never been before but he didn't want to so I went by myself, which wasn't a bad idea because it was relaxing and I got to really focus on my photography. I walked the whole Island. Theres a park near the Tramway with a beautiful scenery of flowers and green grass lol and then the other side is where the lighthouse is which is also beautiful. If you haven't been I suggest going it's beautiful especially the lighthouse. There are two ways of getting out there if you are not sure, you can take the F train to Roosevelt Island or take the tramway (goes over the water) located at 2nd Ave. between East 59th St. to East 60th St. in Manhattan. Hope you enjoy :)

The tramway

The trail to the little park.

The park with the beautiful scenery of grass & cool looking plants.

Taken up-close by accident but love how it came out.

They were all over the island.
The lighthouse <3
It's finally coming to an end, my last post Pt.8 will be up next week so stay tuned. Have a beautiful Tuesday :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Summer Pt.6

Hello Everyone,

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I was asked on a date by this guy I met during the summer. There was a reggae concert going on in Central Park so we both decided to attend. We entered Central Park through Columbus Circle and ran into some body painting and other beautiful sites. I did take more pictures then the ones I'm posting but these are the ones I liked the most. We weren't able to get into the concert because there was a long line and I was not going to wait on it so we decided to walk around. We ended up at TGI Friday's in Times Square, we then caught a movie (Lucy), and lastly we had ice cream at ColdStone. The date was great, unfortunately a couple months after that date we fell off and things just weren't working so we decided to just stop whatever it was we were doing. Hope you enjoy :)

P.S. Posting Pt.7 next week so stay tuned, have a good Sunday night :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

My Summer Pt.5

Hello Everyone,

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I decided to take a walk one day after class and ended up at the High Line over on 14th st., mind you my school is on 31st. in Manhattan ( I really enjoy walking, clears the mind and its good exercise). When I was done walking the High Line I ended up on Chelsea Piers and that is also one long block filled with different parks and activities for all ages (Must visit if you haven't already). From Chelsea Piers I ended up in Downtown Manhattan by BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College), that's when I started to get tired and hot and decided to look for the train where I ended up on Chambers st. Brooklyn Bridge. I took quite a lot of pictures but only a couple stood out to me. Hope you enjoy :)

The High Line. Love how it looks like a painting or a postcard.
Love how the color is so vibrant.

I can sail without wind, I can row without oars, but I cannot part from my friend without tears.
I find beauty in things people find ordinary.
The Freedom Tower
P.S. Posting Pt.6 next week so stay tuned, TGIF and have a beautiful day :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

My Summer Pt.4

Hello Everyone,

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These next pictures were taken on my journey in Manhattan. I walked the Williamsburg Bridge, entered Manhattan (Delancy/Essex St. to be specific) and just walked around. Anybody that knows me knows that Brooklyn and Manhattan are my two favorite boroughs. Hope you enjoy :)

Taken in Brooklyn before getting on the Williamsburg Bridge.
Found this while walking the bridge and thought it was cute.

One of the many arts you will find walking the bridge <3
Sorry for the profanity just thought this was cool & accurate lol.
Stumbled upon a woman spray painting this creative drawing on the side of her workplace.
They were filming something that has to do with skateboarding.
If your familiar with the movie Mulan, don't the cloud on the right look like the dragon lol

P.S. Posting Pt.5 next week so stay tuned. TGIF and have a beautiful day :)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Summer Pt.3

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I didn't post anything Friday, it was my birthday Thursday so you know how that is. I had a great birthday, I turned 20. Spent my birthday with my best friend, went to see the movie No Good Deed (it was good, must watch if you haven't seen it yet) and then went to Dave & Busters.

If you haven't seen my last post click here. These pictures were taken on the Fourth of July. It was my first time actually being close to the fireworks and also my first time at the Brooklyn Bridge Carousel Park. If you live in New York or your visiting I recommend going to that park its beautiful. Like always hope you enjoy :)

This was actually taken at Washington Square Park another beautiful park you must visit.
Brooklyn Bridge Carousel Park

My favorite one.

P.S. Posting Pt.4 next week so stay tuned, have a beautiful night :)