Friday, October 3, 2014

My Summer Pt.5

Hello Everyone,

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I decided to take a walk one day after class and ended up at the High Line over on 14th st., mind you my school is on 31st. in Manhattan ( I really enjoy walking, clears the mind and its good exercise). When I was done walking the High Line I ended up on Chelsea Piers and that is also one long block filled with different parks and activities for all ages (Must visit if you haven't already). From Chelsea Piers I ended up in Downtown Manhattan by BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College), that's when I started to get tired and hot and decided to look for the train where I ended up on Chambers st. Brooklyn Bridge. I took quite a lot of pictures but only a couple stood out to me. Hope you enjoy :)

The High Line. Love how it looks like a painting or a postcard.
Love how the color is so vibrant.

I can sail without wind, I can row without oars, but I cannot part from my friend without tears.
I find beauty in things people find ordinary.
The Freedom Tower
P.S. Posting Pt.6 next week so stay tuned, TGIF and have a beautiful day :)


  1. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
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  2. Thank you :)
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