Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Summer Pt.7

Hello Everyone,

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These next group of pictures I took were at Roosevelt Island. I decided one day instead of sitting home to go out and take pictures and that's when I decided to go out there. I wanted to go with my best friend because he never been before but he didn't want to so I went by myself, which wasn't a bad idea because it was relaxing and I got to really focus on my photography. I walked the whole Island. Theres a park near the Tramway with a beautiful scenery of flowers and green grass lol and then the other side is where the lighthouse is which is also beautiful. If you haven't been I suggest going it's beautiful especially the lighthouse. There are two ways of getting out there if you are not sure, you can take the F train to Roosevelt Island or take the tramway (goes over the water) located at 2nd Ave. between East 59th St. to East 60th St. in Manhattan. Hope you enjoy :)

The tramway

The trail to the little park.

The park with the beautiful scenery of grass & cool looking plants.

Taken up-close by accident but love how it came out.

They were all over the island.
The lighthouse <3
It's finally coming to an end, my last post Pt.8 will be up next week so stay tuned. Have a beautiful Tuesday :)

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