Friday, October 31, 2014

My Summer Pt.8

Hello Everyone,

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It has finally come to an end, this will be the last part of my summer recap. I enjoyed sharing my summer with you and hope you enjoyed it as well. These last couple of pictures I took was when I took my cousin out. We were looking for a specific park because they were having a show there but I got the wrong directions and ended up at Hudson River Park. It was both our first time at that park and it was beautiful, a must see if you haven't been already. After walking through the park we ended up at 34th st. and that's when I decided to really look up the directions and that's when I found it Riverbank State Park. They were having some sort of kiddie type of carnival it was cute, they had little rides, games, and a reptile show. I only have one picture from Riverbank State Park, I will be going back because it is beautiful. Overall it was a good day and my cousin enjoyed herself. Hope you enjoy :)

My cousin.
I absolutely love this picture <3
Love how vibrant the colors are. My favorite things to capture, flowers.

Happy that I caught the helicopter with the flag. Sort of reminds me of this video game called Grand Theft Auto.
Riverbank State Park.
Happy Halloween, be safe :)

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