Friday, September 26, 2014

My Summer Pt.4

Hello Everyone,

If you didn't see my last post click here.

These next pictures were taken on my journey in Manhattan. I walked the Williamsburg Bridge, entered Manhattan (Delancy/Essex St. to be specific) and just walked around. Anybody that knows me knows that Brooklyn and Manhattan are my two favorite boroughs. Hope you enjoy :)

Taken in Brooklyn before getting on the Williamsburg Bridge.
Found this while walking the bridge and thought it was cute.

One of the many arts you will find walking the bridge <3
Sorry for the profanity just thought this was cool & accurate lol.
Stumbled upon a woman spray painting this creative drawing on the side of her workplace.
They were filming something that has to do with skateboarding.
If your familiar with the movie Mulan, don't the cloud on the right look like the dragon lol

P.S. Posting Pt.5 next week so stay tuned. TGIF and have a beautiful day :)

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