Friday, September 5, 2014

My Summer Pt.1

Hello Everyone,

Since summer has come to an end and school has begun I thought I would start off September with a recap of how my summer went with the photographs I took. Like I said in my Making a comeback post, my hobby is photography and I received a new camera and took a lot of pictures hence why the tittle says Pt.1. If you haven't seen my Making a Comeback post yet then click here. Hope you enjoy :)

The first set of pictures were taken randomly, I was getting to know the camera and these are the beautiful shots that came out of it.
My aunt's dog Midnight 
Love how this looks like a painting. 
The clouds <3
My baby cousin Mason, just got done eating cheese doodles lol
All cleaned up now :)
P.S. I will post Pt.2 next week so stay tuned, have a good Friday :)

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