Saturday, August 23, 2014

Making a comeback

Hello everyone,

Don't mind my hair its an old wash&go
I'm sorry I keep disappearing and leaving you guys without content. I've been busy with school and trying to enjoy my summer which in return caused me to forget to blog. I also wasn't blogging because I couldn't think of anything to post about, I thought doing this was going to be easy but I guess I was wrong. Time to fill you guys in, I finished my last semester Aug. 15th but my school only has one graduation ceremony a year so I have to wait till next year for the ceremony but I'm done. I will be graduating with an Associates degree in Human Services. I don't exactly know yet what I want to do next but I know I have to start looking for a job. My father wants me to continue and get my Bachelors but I'm not a school person so I don't know if I want to. I rekindled two friendships I had ended back in high school. I rekindled the friendship with Shay because I decided to let the past be the past and I really missed her. I rekindled the friendship with my guy friend because...well I only stopped talking to him because my ex-boyfriend didn't want me talking to him but since we broke up I decided to get back in contact with him and I'm glad I did, he's my best friend and I definitely missed him. I also made new friends and met some really nice people. I got an early graduation gift from my grandma which was a Canon Rebel T3i camera and boy was I excited because photography is my hobby and hopefully can become a job. I've taken quite a couple pictures during the summer and those pictures will be in my next post so stay tuned :) Thanks for reading and commenting. I promise there will be more post in the future, love you guys. P.S. I'm active and always posting on my Instagram, Twitter, & Tumblr so If you want to stay up to date follow me, links are on the right side of my page :)

Me & my friend Shay
My best friend 

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